“Games that dreams are made of.”

More than games

We make games that bring players together with their family and friends to share digital experiences. Our roots are in local multiplayer games, so our mission is to always bring the joy and thrill of shoulder-to-shoulder competition to anything we make, whether it’s online multiplayer games or gameplay videos.

“The best way to play and watch mobile games.”

The most watchable games

With a perfect combination of competitive skill and surprising, crazy fun, our titles are high in entertainment value, bringing joy and laughter to gamers and non-gamers alike.

We grew up playing skill-based games, so making approachable games where players can truly experience the challenges and rewards that come with mastering a game, is deep in our DNA. We want our players to be proud of their achievements and to share those achievements within their communities.


100 million

organic downloads!

Unlocked achievements

1 helluva time making top free to play mobile games
2 live games
3 agile and self-organizing teams
11 years young studio
15 shipped games
20+ brilliant professionals
100+ million organic downloads and counting

“Become the benchmark for mobile F2P development”

Our culture

We have as much fun making games as we have playing them.

We believe in a data driven game development process, with rapid execution. To us, making games is team work at its purest. It’s where tech, art, design and business come together in perfect harmony. Sometimes it’s beautiful like a symphony, at other times noisy and raw like a heavy metal tune.

You can hear it already, right?