”We have as much fun making games as playing them.”

Our marvellous team is the pinnacle of industry leading forward-thinking people. Gaze upon their glory.

Martin Fodor

Community Specialist

Edvard Groundstroem

Head of Marketing

Aleksi Hakkarainen

Game Programmer

Soyeon Jung

Marketing Artist

Jaakko Kahima

QA Lead

Miikka Kähkönen

Game Programmer

Linda Karlsson

Game Artist

Sami Lahtinen

Head of Studio

Riina Lehikoinen

Game Artist

Markus Makkonen

Game Programmer

Erik Pöntiskoski


Sauli Pöysä

Creative Director

Toni Puumalainen

Game Artist

Jari Räisänen

Technical Director

Jari Saaranen

Game Programmer

Joni Salminen

Game Programmer

Heidi Stenberg

Game Artist

Krista Talvipuro

Game Artist

Anne Tulonen-Ruikka

Office Manager

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