BREAKING NEWS: Skeletor vows to take vengeance on Drive Ahead! players

As players continue to fend off a series of attacks on Hot Wheels City by sinister creatures of unknown origins, the biggest and baddest villain of them all, Skeletor, has announced his intention to wreak havoc on the city, in “Skeletor’s Revenge”.

Come April 10th, players of Drive Ahead! will be treated to a free five-week game event, featuring new and exclusive Skeletor-themed Hot Wheels rides, as well as an epic helmet modeled after the infamous antagonist himself, available for a limited time only. Getting to these event prizes will be no easy feat, as players must battle not only Skeletor, but other menacing creatures hailing from Snake Mountain and its surroundings.

Working with Mattel and Hot Wheels has allowed us to really double down on the collectable nature of the Drive Ahead! cars, with new vehicles with real-life Hot Wheels counterparts being introduced weekly. The positive fan feedback has surpassed even our greatest expectations, and with this kind of reception, it’s hard to even imagine what the introduction of an iconic character like Skeletor will look like. It’s safe to say we’re expecting to break records.

Skeletor’s Revenge will mark the sixth and final episode of the Hot Wheels Wednesdays series of in-game events, a collaboration between Mattel’s classic toy car brand, Hot Wheels, and Drive Ahead! As part of the 50th anniversary year of Hot Wheels, the partnership has introduced Drive Ahead! players to classic Hot Wheels baddies like spiders, gorillas and sharks, while enabling them to unlock and collect digital versions of actual Hot Wheels rides. This final episode presents the loyal protectors of Hot Wheels City with a threat of unprecedented scale, in an in-game representation of Skeletor from the classic Masters of the Universe toy series.

So what are you waiting for? Go! Play! Now!

Edvard Groundstroem
Head of Marketing, Dodreams

You can download Drive Ahead! on the App Store or Google Play.