Linda – Game Artist

A fireside chat with Linda Karlsson – Game Artist

Q: What do you do at Dodreams?
A: I started out doing concepts for new content but pretty quickly moved onto more user experience-oriented work such as wireframes and user interfaces. I still do various other visual work when needed, like artwork or effects.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?
A: I enjoy tackling art from a problem-solving perspective, it shouldn’t only look cool but also be intuitive and easy to understand or use so I spend a lot of time in the wireframe process.

Q: What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on?
A: Coming up with new sports themes for Drive Ahead! Sports was always a blast because they were all so crazy in idea and execution.

Q: What’s it like working at Dodreams?
A: The fact everyone is both professional yet also casually laid back makes working with them a great time! Voicing your opinions is encouraged and welcome in order to make the best and memorable content for the players.

Q: What kind of games do you want to make in the future?
A: I want to continue making games that make people laugh and go “What?!?!? That’s awesome!” when something amazing or unexpected happens. Something action/adventure-oriented would be great.

Q: Which is your favorite Drive Ahead! vehicle and why?
A: For some reason, I’m fond of the Spruce Delivery car. It might not be the most extreme or coolest but the tree is pretty defensive so it’s saved me a bunch of times!